Digital Week Day 5

DIGITAL WEEK DAY 5: Friday 19th June (BST)

12:35 pm - 12:55 pm Chairperson's Introduction

Ali El Kaafarani - CEO & Founder, PQ Shield


Ali El Kaafarani

CEO & Founder
PQ Shield

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm An update on the NIST quest for Quantum-resistant algorithms

Dustin Moody - Mathematician, Cryptographic Technology Group, NIST

Although universal Quantum computers are some way off, it is imperative that enterprises, custodians of public key infrastructure and critical infrastructure, and telecoms operators secure their networks for the inevitable Quantum future. NIST is at the forefront of developing Quantum resistant algorithms, and this session gives you the opportunity to hear the latest on their work.


Dustin Moody

Mathematician, Cryptographic Technology Group

1:35 pm - 1:50 pm Engineering quantum-safe solutions in the real-world

Chris Erven - CEO, Kets


Chris Erven


If your business model relies on customer trust, secure data, or platforms/ networks that will last for 10+ years, then you must be developing a Quantum security strategy today. If not, your data, your customer’s data, and your platforms are at severe risk. Join this panel to understand how different companies are rising to the challenge.


Stephen Holmes

Final Technology Ventures Ltd


Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Officer


Sinisha Patkovic

Managing Director, EMEA


Dimitri van Esch

Project Manager
ABN Amro

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Case study: Building a real-world, Quantum-secure network

Andrew Lord - Senior Manager, Optical Research, BT

This case study will explore one of the very first real-world examples of a Quantum network. Developed by BT and key partners, Andrew will take you through the process, goals and results of the project, as well as an insight into next steps.


Andrew Lord

Senior Manager, Optical Research

3:35 pm - 3:50 pm Real-world Post-Quantum Security Strategies with PQShield

James Howe - Cryptography Researcher, PQShield


James Howe

Cryptography Researcher

3:55 pm - 4:25 pm OPENQKD, a pilot for the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure

Hannes Hübel - Senior Scientist, Project manager OPENQKD, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Europe is leading the way in Quantum communications infrastructure. Hear this case study on how QKD may enable the communications of the future.


Hannes Hübel

Senior Scientist, Project manager OPENQKD
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

4:30 pm - 4:45 pm Commercial quantum technologies in the UK – the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Chris Jones - Deputy Challenge Director, ISCF Quantum Technologies

You will see how the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund in Quantum Technologies is supporting a growing quantum industry here in the UK. Chris will be joined by Carmen Palacios-Berraquero (Nu Quantum), Mandy Birch (Rigetti), Miriam Cha (Rahko), John Morton, Simon Benjamin (Quantum Motion Technology) and Max Sich (Aegiq).


Chris Jones

Deputy Challenge Director
ISCF Quantum Technologies

To close Quantum.Tech Digital Week, hear Rhys Lewis, Director of the Quantum Measurement Institute at the UK’s NPL, give a vision of a Quantum future, what hurdles need to be overcome, and where the near-term opportunities are for enterprise adopting Quantum at scale.


Dr. Rhys Lewis

Director – Quantum Metrology Institute
National Physical Laboratory