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At QURECA we are creating global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. All resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value. We provide the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community. Read More

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EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium

EPIC is the leading industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organizations working in the field of photonics. EPIC fosters a vibrant photonics ecosystem by maintaining a strong network and acting as a catalyst and facilitator for technological and commercial advancement. EPIC publishes market and technology reports, organizes technical... Read More

Quantum Business Network

The Quantum Business Network |QBN> is the constantly growing European community of science, business and politics to create the future of quantum technologies. As a platform for founders, companies, research institutions and universities, investors and facilitators, |QBN> provides its members growth acceleration and technological advancements through industry collaborations and knowledge... Read More

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Quantum London

Quantum London are a group of professionals from different industries who are interested in understanding the business implications of quantum computing. This community aims to help ‘non-technical’ business managers and executives understand what quantum technology may mean for their industry, and over what timelines it might have impact. Read More

Quantum World Association

The Quantum World Association is an independent not-for-profit business organization whose purpose is to empower and accelerate the deployment of Quantum technologies in businesses, by connecting users, suppliers and thought leaders, sharing business insights, contributing to effective certifications and relaying the critical success factors of successful roll-outs.  Read More

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Chicago Quantum

Chicago Quantum, a division of US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, Inc., is an IT management consultancy near Chicago.  Our corporation was established in 2010 and has a BBB rating of A+.Our mission is to create your quantum computing advantage through:Quantum Computing Strategy & SoftwareSecure CommunicationsIT Sourcing AdviceWe are one founder and... Read More

Open Physics

Open Physics (ISSN: 2391-5471, Impact Factor: 0.963) is a peer-reviewed, open access, electronic journal devoted to the publication of fundamental research results in all fields of physics. The journal provides the readers with free, instant, and permanent access to all content worldwide; and the authors with extensive promotion of published... Read More

Deep Learning Partnership

Deep Learning Partnership is an AI and Quantum Computing consultancy offering fullstack consulting and training services for our Enterprise and startup customers. This involves frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Qiskit, QDK, Forest and PennyLane across multi-vendor hardware stacks - CPU, GPU, QPU. Read More


Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300, Impact Factor: 2.494) is an open access journal which maintains a rigorous and fast peer-review system with a median publication time of 38 days from submission to publication online. Since its launch in 1998, it has been fully covered by the leading indexing and abstracting services, including... Read More

Fact Based Insight

Evidence drives science. Science powers technology. Technology enables business advantage.Technological progress is the foundation of competitive advantage and shareholder value in modern business. This is an era of unparalleled dynamism. Traditional value chains have been disrupted and will be disrupted again. If you fail to judge the direction and pace... Read More


Here you will find everything that is happening in the world of startups and innovation; inspiration, advice, current affairs, deep dives and practical tools accessible for experts and novices alike. Our readers are creators, inventors, managers and directors who live and breathe business and innovation, our magazine gives them everything... Read More

Quantum Computing Report

The Quantum Computing Report provides analysis of the latest developments in quantum technology without the hype.  We focus on commercialization activities with the tagline: Where Qubits Entangle with Commerce and provide the most complete information available anywhere about quantum computing news, funding activities, technical status, players, partnerships, jobs and much... Read More

The Quantum Daily

The Quantum Daily (TQD) is the leading resource dedicated exclusively to making Quantum Technology accessible through news, information, media and data. The business provides daily news updates, interviews and content. Through its subsidiaries it provides marketing, consulting and data support for its customers. Read More

The Qubit Report

Our mission at The Qubit Report is to promote knowledge and opinion of quantum computing from the casual reader to the scientifically astute.  Daily updates are posted from our research of government, academia, and commercial organizations with interests in quantum computing.  Our approach is to keep abreast of the many... Read More

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The Quantum Insider

The Quantum Insider (TQI) is the leading provider of information, data and insights on Quantum Technologies. The Quantum Insider leverages The Quantum Daily and collects and structures global data on quantum technologies, delivering insights in a user-friendly platform. The business helps investors, start-ups, corporations, accelerators, policy makers and governments to... Read More