Carmen Palacios-Berraquero

Co-Founder & CEO Nu Quantum

CPB is the Chief Executive of Nu Quantum, Cambridge-based quantum photonics company spun out of the Cavendish Laboratory. CPB co-founded the company in early 2019, and has since raised circa 3 million pounds in financing from a portfolio of UK deep tech investors, in addition to several multi-million pound government grants. The company is currently 11-strong and looking to launch a first quantum security beta product in 2021. CPB is a quantum physicist by background and inventor of the single-photon source technology commercialised by Nu Quantum, product of her PhD research at the Cavendish Laboratory alongside Prof Mete Atature. Author of several research papers, a book, and winner of the Jocelyn Bell-Burnell Award and Medal 2018 from the institute of Physics. She carried out the CDT in Nanotechnology at Cambridge, and her Mcsi Physics at Imperial College London with a year at ESPCI Paris Tech. CPB co-led the Cavendish Womxn Society (Cavendish Inspiring Women) and was LGBTQ+ representative at St John’s College.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

2:10 PM The quantum industry’s single-photon problem

There are currently no perfect ways of generating and detecting single-photons - or at least none perfectly-suited to each specific commercial application. The single-photon problem is sorely felt in parts of the industry, and hence the rapid development of adequate single-photon components can make a huge difference to a range of photonics quantum technologies from communication to computing. 

I will talk at a high-level about the technologies currently available, the metrics used, the needs of parts of the PQ industry, and the potential impact of the development. 

I will finish with a quick overview of Nu Quantum. Nu Quantum is a spin-out of the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, developing a portfolio of novel room temperature quantum components: a single-photon source, a single-photon detector and a photonic-based quantum random number generator based. 

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