Dr. Niels Bultink

Co-Founder & CEO Qblox

Niels has more than eight years of experience in experimental quantum computing with superconducting circuits performing the first feedback on solid-state qubits in 2012. His PhD research with Prof Leonardo DiCarlo at QuTech, TU Delft has led to more than ten scientific publications centred around fault-tolerant quantum computing with superconducting circuits. The work, that was part of the IARPA funded QuSurf project has materialized in a complete redesign of control stacks. These stacks now enable the control of 50 qubits and beyond in a completely integrated package at Qblox.

Before his engagement to quantum computing, Niels gained industry expertise in the semiconductor scale-up Mapper Lithography as one of the module owners. His membership of the Dutch National Think Tank (since 2011, guided by McKinsey & Company) has made him a general problem-solver able to liaise with experts far beyond his primarily technical background. With Qblox’s new and industrialized generation of control stacks, Niels and team are paving the way for quantum computer integrators worldwide to reach practical applications in quantum computing.

Conference Day Two: April 13 2021 EST

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

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