Freeke Heijman

Director of Strategic Development QuTech

Freeke Heijman is director strategic development at QuTech in Delft and special advisor to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on Quantum Technologies. In this context she is responsible for the Dutch national policy and investments in Quantum Technology, international partnerships such as the NL participation in the EU flagship and development of the Delft Quantum Campus ecosystem. She is a 50-50 liaison between the Ministry and the QuTech Center and represents The Netherlands in European committees such as the FET Flagship Board of Funders. She has extensive experience in European and national space, industrial and innovation policies including in the role of head of unit. She graduated at the TU Delft Policy Analysis and Systems Engineering department in 1999 and started her career at KPN Research. Her passion is to drive innovation at the crossroad of academia, business and government.

Digital Week Day 4

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

2:15 PM Panel: How can we overcome the technical, manufacturing and engineering challenges of harnessing the power of qubits?

Qubits are small. Really small. And they are unstable. Really unstable. Is it a pipedream to expect to harness their power for computational and communication purposes? What are the practical challenges to overcome, and how are leading engineers approaching those challenges? What does the broader supply chain look like and can we scale up to industrial manufacturing?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Freeke.

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