Hannes Hübel

Senior Scientist, Project manager OPENQKD AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Dr. Hannes Hübel is Senior Scientist heading the experimental activities at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, which include the design and prototyping of QKD devices and non-classical sources of light (entangled and squeezed light) and implementation of quantum communication protocols beyond QKD. He is currently coordinating the OPENQKD project, where use-cases for QKD are demonstrated throughout Europe. The OPENQKD project serves as a pilot for a wider Pan-European deployment of quantum communication technologies. In addition, Dr. Hübel has also close ties with the Quantum Technology Flagship program, where he is manager of the UNIQORN project, developing cheap and robust quantum communication devices based on photonic integration. Prior to joining AIT in 2015, Dr. Hannes Hübel worked on QKD and entanglement-based quantum communication as an assistant professor at Stockholm University (Sweden) and as postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Quantum Computing (Canada) and the quantum information group at the University of Vienna (Austria). He received his Ph.D. from Queen Mary, University of London (UK) in 2004.

Digital Week Day 5

Friday, June 19th, 2020

3:55 PM OPENQKD, a pilot for the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure

Europe is leading the way in Quantum communications infrastructure. Hear this case study on how QKD may enable the communications of the future.

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