Keeper Sharkey

Founder & CEO ODE L3C

Dr. Keeper L. Sharkey is the Founder and Principal Investigator of Ode, L3C. and is emphasizing quantum services as a social benefit focusing on quantum education, ethics, and sustainability. She obtained her PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Arizona in May of 2015 and remains a Designated Scientific Research Campus Colleague. During her academic career both as a chemistry educator and a National Science Foundation graduate research assistant, she published 26 manuscripts in top peer-reviewed journals.  She has been cited over 200 times with an H-index and i10-index of 10, and she serves as peer-reviewer of reputed Journals. Her postdoctoral faculty appointment at Washington State University in 2016/17 was focused on deriving algorithms for learning the physical properties of the theoretical material, metallic hydrogen. She has also spent time machine learning sequential marketing programs in the insurance and FinTech sector. Due to her enthusiasm of chemistry and experience with high-performance computing for verifying, refining, and predicting various atomic and molecular states utilizing quantum mechanical principles and algorithms that depend on all-particle explicitly correlated wave functions, with including finite-mass operators, she was appointed Chair of Quantum Applied Chemistry in September of 2019 at Quantum Security Alliance, of which Ode is a knowledge partner. 

Digital Start-up & Investor Showcase

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Digital Week Day 4

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

4:40 PM Panel: How can we build an ethical approach to Quantum technologies?

Like AI, Quantum technologies have the power to be transformative. They also have the power to do untold damage. How can we balance progress with privacy? How can we ensure that he widest possible population groups benefit, and that the benefits are distributed equitably? Should there be a Quantum “Code of Conduct”? Join us to explore these and other questions in this interactive panel.

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