Marc Kaplan

CEO VeriQloud

Marc Kaplan has worked in the area of quantum information for more than ten years. He graduated from University Paris-Sud and worked in Montreal with Gilles Brassard, the co-inventor of quantum cryptography. Before founding VeriQloud, his research has focused on using quantum algorithms to break classical cryptographic systems, and on the design of quantum-resistant alternatives. He is the CEO of VeriQloud.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

1:30 PM Quantum network applications: the short and the long term.

This talk will present VeriQloud’s views on quantum communication networks. In particular, I will discuss the different applications that become available as new hardware components are added to quantum networks. For example, secure quantum cloud computing, unforgeable authentication tokens, or lifelong secure storage systems all rely on the ability to communication quantum systems, but use very different types of hardware. We will present these applications from the point of view of end-users, showing what problems they solve, and at which stage of quantum network developments.

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