Patty Lee

Chief Scientist Honeywell Quantum Solutions

Patty Lee is the Chief Scientist at Honeywell Quantum Solutions and leads the technology development for commercial trapped ion quantum computers. Her team is pursuing scalable trapped ion technology and delivering commercial quantum computers with high fidelity operations and large quantum volumes. Her career in quantum computing began in graduate school at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where her thesis research advanced the understanding of phase control for geometric phase gates in trapped ions. She has worked as an experimental physicist at NIST Gaithersburg, US Army Research Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin. While at NIST she and her colleagues implemented the first entangling gate on ultracold atomic qubits in an optical lattice as well as site-dependent addressing of atomic qubits. She has published many well-cited peer-reviewed articles on quantum information processing with trapped ions and with neutral atoms. She has also given numerous presentations and invited talks and chaired sessions at DAMOP, CLEO, and other scientific conferences.

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