Peter Bordow

SVP & Principal Systems Architect for Advanced Technologies Wells Fargo

Peter Bordow is the SVP & Principal Systems Architect for Advanced Technologies at Wells Fargo. In this role, Peter is responsible for leading the Quantum Technology Research Team, and many other advanced, innovation and ideation efforts across WF Technology. He has over 30 years of technology and thought leadership/ management experience across financial, aerospace, defense, and communications industries; and has managed large technology projects in research and development, business innovation, and innovation labs in the following areas: • Analog and digital circuit design, digital systems, radar/laser and weapons systems • Networking, computing systems, storage/database, security and application development • Business continuity planning (BCP), recovery (DR), and regulatory compliance/governance and auditing Peter has spent the last 15+ years researching and innovating emerging technologies and is the author of many WFC research/ technical papers. He is also a conversation leader for: • Quantum technology • Regulatory technology (RegTech) • Digital identity • Biometrics • Internet of things (IoT) • Extended reality (XR His recent accomplishments at Wells Fargo Company include: • 2020 Galileo Award winner for integrating patent strategy in support of Wells Fargo's key priorities • 2019 Einstein Award winner for advancing innovation in uncharted areas • 2017 Gold Coin winner for innovation • Filed more than two dozen patents with the US Patent Office in 2019/20 for: o Digital identity o Quantum technology o Post-quantum cryptography Peter lives in Arizona with his wife, Linda. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do, is a recording and performing artist with several albums released, is Vice-Chair of the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission in his home town of Fountain Hills and is a passionate obstacle course race enthusiast.

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