Philip Inglesant

Research Assistant University of Oxford

I am researching Responsible Innovation as a project in the Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) Hub, part of a major UK government investment in quantum technologies.

I joined the Human Centred Computing theme in Computer Science in March 2015 from European research projects in Cloud computing and energy efficiency with 451 Research, a global research and advisory firm.

Prior to that, I was a researcher in the Institute for the Study of Science Technology and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh, where I worked on European Commission research project MyFIRE: Multidisciplinary networking of research communities in FIRE, a socio-economic overview of EC-funded Future Internet testbeds.

I did my PhD at University College London: "Public Policy, Technology and Lived Experience: Three Case Studies of Technology in Support of Urban Transport Policies in London" and later took part in projects as a post-doctoral researcher in the The Information Security Research Group, specialising in human aspects of information security.

Before that I did an MSc in New Media, Information and Society at the London School of Economics.

I have over thirty years' experience of the IT industry, including technical co-ordinator with GreenNet, the Internet Service Provider for the environment, gender equality and human rights, and as a Unix system administrator with Internet companies.​

Digital Week Day 4

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

4:40 PM Panel: How can we build an ethical approach to Quantum technologies?

Like AI, Quantum technologies have the power to be transformative. They also have the power to do untold damage. How can we balance progress with privacy? How can we ensure that he widest possible population groups benefit, and that the benefits are distributed equitably? Should there be a Quantum “Code of Conduct”? Join us to explore these and other questions in this interactive panel.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Philip.

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