Sabine Keravel

Sales Operations Atos

Sabine Keravel is currently in charge of the Sales Operations around Quantum Projects. In this role, she collaborates with the Atos Quantum team and Atos’ worldwide sales and presales community to find new ways to expand the Atos Quantum user community and promote related offers such as the Atos Quantum Learning Machine – or QLM, Atos’ world-class quantum simulator. Sabine started working for Atos in 2017, launching a new Marketing Intelligence cell for the Mission-Critical Systems division, and has then worked two years as Product Manager for the Atos QLM. She has both a Business & Administration and a Computer Science background.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

1:30 PM Write your first quantum circuits with myQLM

myQLM is a freeware python package developed by Atos that provides quantum circuit creation and simulation tools to researchers, students, developers, and more generally tech enthusiasts. Anyone can explore the capabilities of quantum computing with myQLM, from experimenting with programming to launching simulations of up to 20 qubits directly on their own computer and even larger by connecting to an Atos QLM. 

During this session, Xavier Geoffret will explain where to find myQLM, how to install it and write your first quantum circuits. To go further, online documentation and tutorials will be also presented, as well as community support tools such as opensource contributions and community forums.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sabine.

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